Maintenance and Repair

Blind and Curtain Parts

images We are able to provide a repair service for most types of blinds, awnings and curtain tracks including motorised.

images We hold a collection of spares for more commonly found curtain tracks and blinds and will give advice should replacement be the only option.

images Any advice given over the Phone or via Email will be free of charge.
Please contact us
here. You can even Upload a photo should you need to match parts etc.
Care of your Blinds and Tracks.
Silicone Spray is the only lubricant you should ever use on curtain tracks and blind headrails.
Velariis Blinds and Curtains.

One of the more common enquiries we get is to how to lubricate a curtain or blind track. A quick dose of Silicone Spray will instantly free up the 'runners' and greatly increase the lifespan.
Can even be used sparsely to cure a squeaking roller blind gear.

Do not be tempted to apply any other type of lubricant because it will attract dust and eventually act like a grinding paste greatly reducing the life of the rail.

Silicone is safe on plastics and unlikely to stain material although some care should be exercised.
This can be done yearly as part of a service. Just search for 'Silicone Spray'.

Venetian blinds can become stuck in the 'up' position and this can normally be solved by holding the top rail with one hand and a quick tug of the cord with the other. Almost like a quick 'flick' as oppose to a hard tug of the cord.
Not too much force as to break the cord or rail.